Cats from our shelter are looking for home!

There is no same cats in this world, each of them has some feature and secret and each cat has a lot of different capacities.


Cats always help people in different situations. For example, scientists have already proven that people, who have a cat at their homes, live an average of five to seven years longer than their peers who do not have a cat at home. And scientists associate it with the fact that communication with cats reduces stress, normalizes a blood pressure and helps against depression.


Gentle, well mannered and kind, to take care of which would be a real pleasure. Modest and sensitive, with a difficult life story, who for your care and warmth will help you to handle the loneliness. Active, graceful and quite independent, with whom you will never be bored at your home! All our cats are unique, but all of them are waiting and looking for loving and caring people.