We are ready to go home!

Do you know, what is the real hope and how tough it can beat you? It is the same hope with which  our animals live.


It is the feeling from which their tiny hearts stop when they are meeting a new person who visits our shelter. Every day each of them waits one person who will come and choose them. Every day they find the strength to wait for the next meeting. How strong  they are... How persistently they rub on the feet!  Look at me, choose me, please!


Every day they are ready to give themselves for one small attention and glance on them which can be most significant in their lives. And if not? Then again, a hope and a cold shelter’s floor, again one bowl for all of them, dark windows and light only when some quests will come.


No one can believe in a miracle, as those who cannot speak, and no one can growth a hope, as those who cannot protect themselves. No one but they do.


If you would take dog or cat from the shelter, if you would give them your heart -  they will never betray, never leave you and always be with you at any moment in your life!