About us

The history of our non-profit organization has started from November 2012, when active animal rights activists and volunteers have come together to help each other in many difficult situations, to help saving and protecting stray dogs and cats, to treat them, to sterilize and to find them a home. Our foundation officially was registered in 2015.

By volunteers of our Foundation in February 2014 was created a shelter for stray cats "Lucy’s House", where all cats get daily meals and necessary treatment, and where they are living during the search a home for each of them. Currently, the maximum capacity of a shelter is 30 animals. Shelter is working by usual support provided to us by sympathetic people. We do not have any permanent sponsors and donors. 

Since the first year of our shelters work more than 200 cats and 100 dogs found their home where they are loved and happy. All animals who are under our curating, have a necessary veterinary inspection, quarantine, they all sterilized and vaccinated, and they have a socialization period before they will be given to new owners under the contract and with a condition to tracking the further fate of the animal.

At the moment, we do not have a special separate territory for the shelter for stray dogs, due to the lack of funds. Dogs, supervised by our volunteers are resided in private overexposure or other private shelters.

Our main activities:

·         Animals’ neutering,

·         Animals’ vaccination and treatment of parasites,

·         Appropriate treatment of sick animals in the hospitals,

·         Care for the animals at the shelter,

·         if an animal can not stay in our shelter for some raison (such as an infection, quarantine, lack of lack of the space at the shelter, etc.) he/she is deviced at temporary overexposure,

·         Search homes for animals,

·         Tracking the fate of the animal after finding him at home,

·         Organizing charity events, educational projects in order to involve more people in the process of work on the improvement of the situation,

·         Increase knowledge and awareness of the problem of stray animals in Russia.

Almost every day, our volunteers are faced with new cases when their help to stray animals is dramatically needed. Some of these poor animals who is in the street, had a home before (but they were lost or simply thrown out as unnecessary thing for different reasons), some of them is just unlucky to be born on the street from a non sterilized female cat / dog. Also there are a lot of animals are living in our streets who have been victims of aggression and cruelty of people, have been hit by a car or due to a variety of infections / diseases need medical attention and special care.